Tourist Police


Tourist Police are the unsung heroes of mediation in Bali.

This unit has been specially trained to assist and protect tourists as well as the locals.

They patrol the streets of the bustling tourist areas and prevent or apprehend petty thieves, help tourists struggling to understand local customs and act as translators or mediators should a dispute arise between a tourist and a local service provider.

They are trained in first aid, safety and speak English as well as other languages.

They can be identified by their ‘cowboy’ hats and a red patch that states TOURIST POLICE

The main Tourist Police station is open 24 hours a day

Address: Jalan Pantai, Kuta

Tel: +26(0)361 763 753


Tourist Police – KUTA

+26(0)361 784 5988

Tourist Police – AIRPORT

+26(0)361 784 5988

Tourist Police – NUSA DUA

+26(0)361 744 2622

General Tourist Assistance

+62 (0)361 224111